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OffSiteTeam informs iSchool users
OffSiteTeam informs iSchool users, as well as pupils and students, who will surely be interested in our product, the release of the next upgrade.
New version.
With joy we hasten to inform you that we have released another version of the application "iSchool" - 3.01. In this release, as usual, solved any problems, bugs and errrors that have been identified, not without your help, of course, and also we are glad to introduce some new items.
We rebranded our iMama
We rebranded our iMama health record application to "cPMR" starting from the current release.
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We can easily integrate any Machine Learning or artificial intelligence functionality into our mobile or web solutions, starting from automatic product Recommendation, Natural Language Processing to face recognition or image classification. We can also analyze your historical data from the web-site or mobile application in order to find hidden motifs and then make predictions.





Co-occurrence based recommender systems

Correlation analysis, regression and classifications

Fraud and anomaly detection of traffic or
consumer behavior

Data cleaning, missing values handling

Similarity and cluster analysis

Collaborative filtering system

Sentiment text analysis

Product Recommenders

Product Recommenders is a useful function. By development this podukt we use the most effective tools, such as: Objective C, mobile Java, MySQL, etc.

Sentiment Analysis
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